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First comes the disclaimer: I'm not a doctor (in case you weren't aware).   I'm not dispensing medical advice.  Everything in this blog post is free to find on the internet, through common search engines or specific websites, such as Amazon.  I've merely collected and compiled these links and resources into one convenient location.  If you think you need medical attention, please seek appropriate medical attention.  

Over the weekend on Saturday morning, I woke up at 5:30am.  I ate oatmeal, put leggings on under my jeans, layered up with a hat, scarf, gloves and big coat, and hit the road at 6:15am.  My destination was the Planned Parenthood surgical center in the Far Northeast of Philadelphia.  I had signed up for my first shift as a clinic escort and was on my way to meet volunteers and staff.

Patient escorts serve one purpose.  You are a human shield of calm between the patient and any opposition.  In the case of my volunteer shift, the opposition was on average 65 years old, carried signs touting anti-choice rhetoric, and jeered unpleasant lies about very safe and normal (and legal, how 'bout it) surgical procedures.

I escorted with three other women who volunteered that day.  Two of them were in their mid-50's, and the other in her eighties.  She, in particular, has been a volunteer with Planned Parenthood for over 40 years.

Please let that sink in.  This woman who I had the privilege of meeting on Saturday has been a clinic escort, making patients feel safe and reassured and distracted from protestors, for over 40 years.  This means that she saw the tide turn when Roe v. Wade affected law.  She has seen stark opposition to medically accepted science.  It's likely that she remembers the days before Roe, and the horror of unsafe abortions.  And she still volunteers.  Because there is still a need, forty years later.

If you're a person who wants choice and options, and wants some information regarding reproductive health, this is a list for you.  It is by no means complete, and some of it is not for everyone.  There is nothing wrong with reading and becoming educated about options.

Nurx is for people who want hormonal birth control through the mail.  They have a promotion going right now for a $45 credit towards your purchase with the code tiny hands.

For my NYC residents (or visitors to the city), Expert Gyn offers gynecological care ranging from well-woman exams to ultrasounds to walk-in testing.  You don't necessarily need insurance to go see them.

How to choose which IUD is right for you.  Two days ago, my OBGYN office called me to inform me that my insurance just approved my IUD.  No copay, no cost for the visit, nothing.  Truly, thank you President Obama.  Do not hesitate.  Get yourself an IUD for long-term birth control, now.  

These doors stay open.  Not only does Planned Parenthood provide birth control and family planning services, but it provides a ton of other services as well.  Including but not limited to cholesterol screenings, tetanus vaccines, physical exams, testicular cancer screenings, pap smears, breast cancer screenings...I could go on.  Just check their website.

The Herbal Medic is not a book about reproductive health, but more an emergency first aid guide.  It's on my wish list at the moment.

More books.  Natural Liberty is radical and informative.  Herbal Healing for Women is less radical in content, which makes the content more applicable and relevant to regular use.

I might post another list or amend this list as it grows, so if you're interested in adding to it, please reach out via email or my contact form.  Let's help one another.