I am learning.

I can do difficult things.  Some difficult things must be taken on alone, even if that wasn't the plan, and other difficult things become fun and wonderful things when your team carries the weight.


I am one of (currently) 7 employees at Falls Flowers.  Only two of us, excluding my boss Peicha, are full-timers.  We're small, and even when we grow, we'll still be small - intentionally so.  

What a lot of clients don't realize about our shop and our wedding intake process, is that I am currently the only person who handles wedding clients.  This can bring some stress onto me, because the perspective of understanding how we work is not easy to communicate, especially if they don't know us in some way before inquiring.  I want clients to know who we are, but it's not easy to explain in one email.  They don't necessarily know that I'll be the one person who fields, thinks about, and responds to every single email they send, and if they don't see the shop, they don't know how warm and kind we can be.  They might not even know that all of our work is personal and custom - there are no formulas for us, there are no guarantees on any flower variety ever, and there is a reverence for supply chain ethics.  They don't know that I rarely schedule meetings past 3pm - not because I want to be inaccessible, but because I leave as promptly as possible at 5pm to pick up my husband at work on my way home, and by the time I roll to UPenn, he's waited long enough already.  

And explaining the cost of local flowers is another topic entirely, and it deserves a post all its own.

Difficult things arise every day, every week.  A snowstorm cancels your planned day off for a doctor's appointment that gets rescheduled for Thursday.  Down for the count two days before a two wedding Saturday.  Worrying that the IUD placement will take me out of commission for more than a day - thank goodness it didn't.  Feeling stressed with all of the pieces on Saturday coming together.  Managing teams of people is not a skill I've ever had to practice, so I'm learning.  But learning is made easier when the team knows this and is ready to support in any way they can.  And they did.  And it was perfect.

I am grateful for learning with this team, and I am grateful for the many hats I wear.  I'm grateful for the gracious clients who trust us implicitly, even though it makes me nervous and surprised every time (responsibility and autonomy are welcome, but are consequently something large to shoulder).  

My amazing team: Peicha, Morgan, Katy, Andy, Sarah, Jess, Erica, Andrew.  If I were to try to include everyone else who made Saturday a success, there would be at least a dozen more names - photographers, planners, coordinators, assistants, and more.  It takes a village (and even though that's cheesy, it's true), and my village is powerful.  I am grateful.