Witchcraft doesn't care about the aesthetic.

The times that I have felt most powerful in my personal practice of witchcraft have been when it's dark outside and I can feel the energy of the people around me.  Also in the times where I've sat silently at the kitchen table, completely alone.  I've felt extremely powerful when I've been angry, and sad and lonely. 

My witchcraft doesn't need crystals, candles, an altar, anything.  Those are bells and whistles.  Bells and whistles are fun and can create ambiance and beauty, and if you know me, you must know that I certainly love beauty.  I'm a fan of a good chunk of kyanite, and I've had my primary tarot deck for years.  I love the ephemeral, barely-contained brimming of feeling that comes with observing the truly special and beautiful.  But I can also feel those feelings without the equipment.  

Feelings are intangible, and you don't need the tangible to feel.

The equipment isn't absolutely necessary in order for magic to be made.  It's not what you have, but how you use what's already around you.  And the wonderful thing about magic is that you can have absolutely nothing and still do a hell of a lot.

The scowl will not make you a witch, and neither will an ornamental skull.  You don't need to wear black velvet.  Your irreverence and ignorance of the history will not make you more powerful or impactful.  The aesthetic is worth nothing.

The thing that matters is what you do and what you make.  Your intention and your strength are the power here, not the look, not the aesthetic.  I hate the fad of the mystic, of the good vibes, of the "witchy" aesthetic.  It's a trope and I'm tired of seeing it - I'm immensely irritated that what is now accepted marked me as a freak for my formative years.


Electricity moving through the air, perhaps guided by the wind or something more, in a pitch-black field with strangers.  Using nothing more than words and focus, humming intention into our sphere.  Sharing a familiar look with people I've never met, knowing we're there for the same reason.  Creating something palpable from absolutely nothing.  Writing sigils on scraps of paper or in the air.  Whispers to a bridal bouquet for well-wishes.  Infusing my cooking with warmth and love for those who eat it.  Casual blessings and some casual curses.  Warding.

This is my witchcraft, this is my magic.