The return on empowering your team.

I work somewhere really special, and I do mean special in the true sense of the word.  It is unique to find a workplace where you are able to do work that you only could dream about.  It is even more rare to be surrounded by people who want to support your ventures outside of work, even if they might take your mind away from work.  Being surrounded by dreamers who will dream alongside you - and even better, dreamers with motivation and passion.

What I have to say is brief, but what I'll say is evidence of what has changed my life and my outlook for over two years now.  And it's not all been easy or joyful change.  It's been hard and messy at times, and angry and self-centered.  But above that it's been full of grace and love, and for those reasons, it is why I am still in the game.

Allow those near to you to dream and stretch themselves aside from their involvement with you.  Support them where you can, and remember that everyone needs support sometimes.  Don't be afraid to lose someone to their opportunities, because if you love them and support them, you can't truly lose them.

Wait a little bit longer when others pause, because you never know what they might be trying to say.  To you!  Trusting you to care.

Give others the chance to grow (a real, true, empowering chance), and I really do think they'll help you grow, too.