The blue jay got away.

I think about corvids a lot.  They're remarkable intelligent, resourceful, exhibit self awareness, and have complex social systems.  They're not unlike humans.

With the recent spike in temperature, we've seen our neighbor cat, Max, outside more frequently. On Tuesday morning, we noticed at least twenty scattered blue jay feathers in our driveway, as he sat on a lawn chair nearby, watching us walk to the car to make our morning commute.  I'm not sure how many feathers a blue jay has, but I'm choosing to imagine that the blue jay escaped from Max.  Perhaps it didn't, but there was no blood evidence in the area, and as adept a hunter as cats can be, I imagine a blue jay would put up a fight.

One day, I want to have a back porch where I can sit and drink coffee and watch blue jays.

Some links to browse through today;

+ The Female Price of Male Pleasure // "Women are supposed to perform comfort and pleasure they do not feel under conditions that make genuine comfort almost impossible."

+ My friend Amanda is a farmer in Philadelphia who is looking to invest in a greenhouse this year. She has a kickass farmstead and is so deserving of this expansion.  

+ Someone please buy me this sweater dress (or buy it for yourself and I can borrow it).

+ My new favorite wedding related blog is Over the Moon, and this post about wedding dates for 2018 had me cross-checking my booked wedding dates at the shop.  Of the top 10 listed, we have at least one wedding booked for each weekend, and most of those dates/weekends are actually completely booked (as in, we cannot take another client).  September and October are where it's at for weddings!  I'll be in hiding come November.  Send provisions so I can re-up my energy.

+ Though I'm not an avid Star Wars fan, I did enjoy reading this Vanity Fair story about the most recent film.  When we saw the movie with our friends, I wasn't aware that Carrie Fisher would be in it at all - I thought that she had passed before filming even began.  (This shows how out of the loop I am.)  I'd love to watch it again soon.

+ Dreaming of owning more art.  This daffodil scroll from Lucy Augé is on my list.  I'm vying for springtime right now.