More about birds.

Currently: relaxing by finishing the movie Blood Diamond after achieving a new personal record time on the Pennsylvania Turnpike from PGH to PHL.  4.5 hours, I kid you not.

Never have I ever cared about professional sports, least of all football (or perhaps baseball?).  When team sports begin to affect greater social change, well, that'll be the day.  The catch is, you have to let them.  And when people have to rub their eyes of the distraction of a game for something more pithy, of course it's not as fun.  But I'm not here to be fun.  (I have said that I'm here to ruin fun to more than one person recently.  I don't really care.)  I like facts and I get jazzed about knowledge and statistics, and that's definitely not the same mentality that pervades a crowd of sports fans.

Let's get jazzed about what we like, but also look below the surface.

My mother turned 60 on Saturday, so my sister and I arranged to surprise her, and it was awesome.  She didn't expect it at all, and I can tell it made her really happy to have us there for her for the weekend.  We played Scrabble and talked about our upcoming family vacation, and I made fires in the fireplace on Saturday and Sunday nights for us to enjoy.

She is a really wonderful Mama bird.