A small confession on a Monday for you, readers:

I'm a witch who feels very little connection to the moon.

Arriving at college in the summer of 2008 gave me opportunity to meet other witchy people, and to join (and later be voted into office) a Pagan student group.  The exposure to new ways of practicing and celebrating brought many moments that felt comforting and "right" but also brought moments that I wasn't really sure how to interpret, or how to integrate into my own practice.  To be fair to my younger self, my own practices were fledgeling at best.  

The thing that nobody ever told me, and that I wish I had known, was that just because a practice is widely adopted by many people who share the same outlook as you, doesn't mean you also have to adopt the practice.

Even this year, I will be traveling twice to attend and assist with moon services with my community, and I am not yet sure how I want to experience these times. 

Feeling mostly ambivalent about the moon and moon cycles sometimes makes me feel as though I am not meeting a witchy pre-requisite.  That, because I don't necessarily measure life changes by the changing of the moon, I am somehow less of a practitioner, that my experiences and my practices are not as legitimate.

It seems to me that the moon (and "good vibes", and crystals, and essential oils, and mindfulness, and self-care, and blah blah blah) is the focus of many new-age-y salespeople on various platforms, and that doesn't jive with me, either.  The moon becomes a commodity that is eaten up Earthside.

My guess is that many people feel connected to the moon because it is viewable, it's markable, and it is indeed a measure of change.  I think that many people also feel connected to the moon because they have a menstrual cycle, and they can appreciate the connection of the cycle of their body being parallel to that of the celestial mirror.  I am on year two of a five-year Mirena IUD, and I do not bleed.  

Due to the nature of my work, I feel much more aware of change and the passage of time by what happens Earthside, in the growing season of flowers and trees outside.  And because of a sensitivity I have, resulting in migraines, I feel more attuned to the shifting of weather and of pressure systems and precipitation.  

And while I've known all of this for a long time, realizing that I didn't have to subscribe to a concept that feels sometimes like it's held by the majority of witchy folks around me was something of an epiphany.  It felt really good to give myself permission to not feel obliged to try to connect to something while I already feel connected elsewhere, and more than that, that I want to explore the current connections more deeply.