Red Charm Peony Love

Before I go into the details of one of my most recent creations, I need to just tell you all that gardening and working outside is good for the soul.  Yesterday was my first day volunteering at a local flower farm, and while I did get to harvest (bunches upon bunches) of forget-me-not, I also helped to prep two huge planting beds.  That is hard work, guys!  My body is feeling it today.  But, I did get paid in flowers for volunteering!  I honestly did not expect any type of compensation, because that's basically the idea behind being a volunteer.  But snapdragons, Queen Anne's lace, and feverfew will be fine any time with me.  

Onto some floral gorgeousness!  I suppose we can call this the Bouquet of the Month for June.  I know I said that the monthly bouquet series was kind of over.  I just happened to make this in June.  So either way, here it is!  

We have Italian ruscus, red charm peonies, spray roses, and scabiosa pods.

Initially, I had made the bouquet with maidenhair fern also.  The maidenhair fern is so beautiful - delicate and feminine, and it falls in such a pretty way.  However, it is a pain to keep alive in any type of heat or sunlight!  The image below was one of the first ones I took of the bouquet, but then decided to take the fern out.  I think I like it without the maidenhair more, but it's pretty both ways.  What do you think?

This is one of my favorite bouquets to date.  Those red charm peonies are too lovely.  I just want a huge armful of them so I can hug them and smell them.  That's not weird at all - we're talking about peonies here!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!  What type of peony do you like better: the sought-after coral charm, or the red charm?  Maybe neither: light pink, dark pink, or white?  

I think I'll just take 'em all.

Love and light,


Monthly Bouquet - March

Happy March, readers!

In one of my last posts, I spoke a bit about how February was sort of an off month for me.  Only having 28 days as opposed to 30 or 31 really seemed to make a difference this year.  I've come out of February with the desire to have a more clear focus and to keep my eye on the prize.  The prize?  Becoming my own boss and a successful business owner, that's the prize!

The floral goodness in the photos of this post were purchased at The Argyle Bouquet in Ardmore, PA.
Beautiful blue hydrangea, white ranunculus (with maroon edges - so gorgeous!), queen protea, brunia, and fern.  I also picked up some dusty miller from Whole Foods to add in as well.

 I have some pretty amazing events coming up in the near future.  I'm excited for some growth, personally and professionally.

Countdown to Making Things Happen Intensive: 27 days
Countdown to Trouvaille Workshop: 41 days
Countdown to Floral Intensive I and II at Longwood Gardens: 87 days

I recently made contact with one of Chris' friends from work who has their own photography business.  We are getting into plans of creating a styled shoot together in the near future.  I've never done anything like this before, so I'm actually kind of nervous, but she seems like a really kind person who would be wonderful to work with.  In our conversation this morning, we talked about a potential location, and I am planning on creating and adding to an inspiration board for the shoot today and tomorrow.  More to come on this soon!

For the rest of the day, I'll be busy getting work done, going out to purchase the next Martha Stewart Weddings issue, and cleaning up around the apartment.  Of course, lots of that time will be spent petting my sweet cat and finding a new book to fall into.  Enjoy the rest of your day, loves!

Love and light,


Roses are Sometimes Pink Ladies

The snow outside from the monster storm can't put a damper on these beauties.  They smell as amazing as they look.  

Pink isn't my favorite color, but a client asked for a white and pink bouquet for his girlfriend for Valentine's Day.  I feel really glad that this client trusted me enough to know that he would get something amazing, without micromanaging each detail.  
Personally, I think that the surprise is part of the beauty.  

I love how the rosemary looks next to the traditional shape of the roses.

Love and light,


Engagement Arrangement

The wintery weather in the Philadelphia area had prevented me from going to work for another few days this week, but I hardly mind.  Playing with flowers is giving me more joy than driving in the gross icy rain.  But that's a given.

The bouquet below is a gift to a work friend of mine who was proposed to over the weekend.  She was given a beautiful ring from her man, and I know that they will have not only a beautiful wedding, but a beautiful marriage.  She is just the sweetest person and I can't wait to see her as a bride!

We have roses, silver brunia (one of my favorite winter greens), ranculus white wax flower, and a red filler flower whose name I cannot recall at the moment.

Love and light,


Ordering For Valentine's Day

If you are interested in placing an order for any floral necessities for Valentine's Day and the weekend of the holiday, orders must be received by Sunday, February 9th.  I would love to work with you in creating a special gift for someone dear to you.  Please contact me for rates and arrangement possibilities.  They might just be endless, who knows?

Love and light,


Monthly Bouquet - January

I am fortunate to be able to obtain flowers from some really affordable grocery stores in the area.  Trader Joe's and Whole Foods rarely disappoint.  I obtained the white anemones from Whole Foods, and the stock and eucalyptus came from Trader Joe's (as did some really delicious chocolate croissants!).  There happens to be a farmer's market in Ardmore's Suburban Square where Argyle Bouquet is conveniently located.  They had many beautiful blooms, including some whimsical protea and orchids.  Argyle Bouquet is where I purchased the green dianthus, hypericum berries, and thistles.

Since winter is still raging outdoors and I'm not here to bore you, I was thinking that a bookstore would be an interesting location to take the bouquet on an adventure.  I'd love to style a wedding around a bookstore/library theme - I'm already imagining the check-out card place cards and the book centerpieces with some whimsical florals sprinkled throughout.  However, the cold weather outside has really deterred me from leaving my apartment, so the lobby will have to do.  It's not too shabby though!  Glad there's lots of natural light somewhere at my little home base.

The lace and leather cord wrap was a new idea for me to try, and I really like how it turned out.  The light colors in this bouquet are calm and ladylike, and the eucalyptus adds an unexpected texture, along with the thistle.  Love.

I also made a little boutonniere from some of the greens and an anemone.  Would it be too odd to wear a bout each day at work, just to have a little garden on my blouse?  I think not.

And there you have it.  January's bouquet.  I'm basically in love with it.  I wish I knew a bride that needed it today so I could see just how lovely it would look being held by someone in a wedding gown.

Love and light,


Southern Blooms Feature from Southern Weddings Magazine

Bouquets and blooms are my love language.  Sometimes I just can't help but want to squeeze a flower arrangement in a big hug because I just love flowers that much.  Imagine my delight when Southern Weddings magazine showcased a feature from their Volume 6 issue as digital content on their website.  The feature, titled "Southern Blooms" showcases bouquets that are floral representations of several southern states.  For example, the bouquet that represents Alabama holds pink peonies, azaleas, and sweet pea.  They are each unique and gorgeous in their own way.  I'll bet that residents of the states represented felt appreciated and excited about their state's bouquet!  This makes me think about Pennsylvania, and what I would put in its' bouquet.

My favorite from the feature is definitely Tennessee, followed closely by West Virginia.

I already have ideas for a Pennsylvania bouquet. Keep your eyes peeled for that one, folks!

Love and light,

Flower Leftovers

 Happy Sunday, readers!

The flowers above are leftovers from my New Year's bouquet adventure.  This image was taken after Philadelphia received a great deal of snow, and we were plunged into extreme low temperatures.  These beauties only endured the polar votes for about 10 minutes.  Boots from LL Bean are always a good idea in extreme weather.

The white roses, winter greenery, and limonium misty blue were wrapped with a vintage handkerchief that I found at a cute antique store in Wayne, PA.  It adds a practical and homey touch to a simple and elegant bouquet.

Love and light,


Monthly Bouquet Project

Happy Sunday to all of you sweet readers out there!

I wanted to give a little bit of information about an upcoming project that I had mentioned a while ago.  The idea comes from my desire to continually create better and more unique floral arrangements, as I grow in skill and technique in the art of floral design.  I want to improve constantly as I work, and part of that comes from having fun and playing, and trying new things.

Each month this year, I will be setting aside time on a weekend (or day off of work!) and creating a bouquet.  The idea is that each month, I have new flowers to work with.  I need to try working with flowers that I haven't yet used.  I need to set aside productive, purposeful time to try my hand at something not yet attempted.  I'll be buying local at times, but at other times, I'll be ordering from wholesalers to get a feel for blooms that cannot be found locally.

January is still open, and I have a few ideas already.  I'm also open to challenges in the comments of this post.  Is there a flower you think I should work with, during a certain month?  Tell me.

Perhaps at some point, I'll be donating or gifting the flowers to local businesses to display in their store.  This would be an awesome opportunity for me, and I'd love to brighten someone's day at the same time.  Shops or people that are interested in a free bouquet and some business cards?  Contact me!

I'm ready to learn and create.  I hope that you'll enjoy what I make.

Love and light,


New Year's Bouquet

I want to wish you all a very happy new year!  Last night, Chris and I rang in the new year by having a pajama party for two, with nature documentaries and homemade pizza.  I'm a huge homebody, so it was just perfect for the two of us.  Today, we are relaxing around the apartment together, him playing guitar and researching computer circuitry, and me working through Lara Casey's Powersheets.  I want to be ready to make changes in my life, but I do enjoy having a plan.

Yesterday, I went out and purchased some beautiful blooms to continue practicing my bouquet making skills.  I bought white roses, baby's breath, hydrangeas, limonium misty blue, and some greens, and I started bunching things together this morning.  Chris and I went to a nearby park to stroll in the cold air and to take some photos.

I love the different textures that were pushed together in this bouquet.  Texture is a major aspect of any arrangement or bouquet that I make, and I want to play more with texture in this new year.

Sometimes bouquets like to just sit and relax on rock walls.

I am learning while constructing bouquets, but I am learning from the photographs of my creations as well.  Sometimes a photograph will show us something that we did not even consider when simply looking at something.  Perspective is everything, and I can clearly see some good things along with areas to improve on when I look through the many photos we took of the bouquet.

Stay tuned for some exciting news about a monthly project that I will be starting!  I am ready for 2014 to teach me in so many ways.

Love and Light,


Bouquet for Kelly

On Sunday, Chris and I had the pleasure of being involved in a sweet and simple tree planting ceremony to symbolize the beginning of his mother's marriage to her longtime boyfriend, Tom.  Three trees were planted, all birch trees, as a matter of fact!  Funny how they are young birch trees and this blog and business of a similar name is in a similar condition.  It was a beautiful day.

Kelly loved her bouquet, which made me so excited and happy, since it was a surprise and I did not consult her for any opinion at all!  She is originally from Kansas, where the state flower is the wild sunflower - those were a must.  Wheat is the leading cash crop of Kansas, which is also why it was included.  When Chris and I marry each other in August next year, wheat will also be in my bouquet, and I am pleased that I could tie in my bouquet with Kelly's.  It could even start a new tradition, and it makes me feel happy that I know we are becoming a family in so many ways.

The purple kale immediately caught my eye at the flower shop, and I think the purple color is a great balance to the golden yellow sunflower petals.  The mixed greens add texture, and the stems were wrapped with a chocolate brown satin ribbon for an elegant finishing touch.

Please enjoy the photos, and join me in wishing Kelly and Tom a joyful congratulations on their marriage!  They are already a fantastic model for what a loving and flexible partnership looks like.

I love the texture of the wheat so much!  It'll look great in my wedding bouquet also.

What state do you live in?  What is your state flower or cash crop, and could you use it artistically in a bouquet or arrangement?  For a list of states and their symbols, check out this link.

Love and Light,


Preview: Kelly and Tom

As my first semi-professional client, Kelly is unique in that she has no idea that she is a client!  Kelly is my fiancé's mother.  Tomorrow, she and her boyfriend of 5 years, Tom, will be getting married in a small tree-planting ceremony on their property in Elverson, Pennsylvania.  To surprise Kelly on her big day, I will be making her a beautiful bouquet.

Kelly is a really wonderful lady.  When I was thinking of what blooms she would want to carry on her special day, I thought about how unique and off-beat she is, and I wanted to reflect her personality and sensibility in her bouquet.  I think I'll be right on the money with her bouquet, if I do say so myself!

The photos below are a preview of some bouquet blooms I'll be using.  Stay tuned for photos of the completed work!

Above, purple kale.

Beautiful sunflower - great for a fall bouquet!

More purple kale amidst different greens.

Tomorrow, check back to see photos of the finished product!  I know that Kelly and Tom will have a beautiful ceremony tomorrow, even if it will be chilly.

Love and Light,