Making Things Happen in 2014

Ever since signing up for the Trouvaille Workshop and speaking with the kind and personable Rhiannon Banda of Hey Gorgeous Events, a seed was planted in my heart.  I had emailed Rhiannon with questions regarding Trouvaille, and while answering those questions, she pointed me toward the Making Things Happen intensive in March.  I had heard about MTH before, but had not seriously looked into it, because I was still unsure about how and in what way to find the focus for my goals.

Making Things Happen is all about finding the core of what makes you move.  By combining some serious goal setting and soul searching with branding and business essentials, MTH seems to be a huge turning point for the attendants.  I am ready to be one of those people!

I bought the ticket after learning via Lara Casey's Instagram feed that there were only 19 tickets left for the intensive.  Despite the huge popularity of the intensive, the event is capped at 70 tickets to ensure that the gathering is still intimate enough for major interaction and change among attendees.  I realized that if I did not make that leap to attend this conference, I would be left wondering.  I would wonder what pushed the other attendees to purchase their tickets.  What changes are they hoping to make?  I would have wondered what topics and planning would have been covered during the conference.  And I would have been wondering how the lives of the attendees would be changed after the conference.

Things became really clear after that.  I had to attend.  Pure and simple.

I bought my ticket, and I booked my hotel.  I am rooming with another sweet attendee at the event, and I am so happy to have already spoken with her and several other people involved.  We are all so excited!

Chapel Hill, I am coming for you!  I am ready to learn and be challenged, and I am ready to make positive changes in my life.

Love and Light,