LoveSick Expo 2014 - Philadelphia

Learning from others is invaluable to anyone.  Personally, I am learning from observing and speaking with other professionals in the wedding industry, hoping to hear any words of wisdom, advice tidbits, and otherwise pertinent info to helping me shape Demure Birch Design into a successful venture.

Sunday was a day of intense learning from observing.  Chris and I attended the LoveSick Expo at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, and were greeted immediately with a bustling crowd, edging around to see some of the most unique vendors in the Philadelphia area.  The LoveSick Expo is partnered with Offbeat Bride, which is an extremely valuable wealth of resources for folks who are planning weddings that have any aspect of non-traditionality within the event.  I would say that anyone, even those planning the most traditional wedding possible, could use the information on Offbeat Bride, especially when it comes to non-sappy father/daughter dance song recommendations, first dance songs, real talk surrounding the marital aspect of commitment, and some pretty great rainbow elements in real weddings.

LoveSick Philadelphia had an impressive showcase of vendors, ranging from planners to makeup artists.  There were many photographers present who had beautiful prints and books of their shots.  The only vendor type that outnumbered photographers had to be food vendors, ice cream, cakes, fun cocktails, and full service caterers brought tasty samples of their food.

Excuse the mediocre quality of photo...my iPhone was my only means of capturing the event,
 as my camera never made it into my tote.  

Something I learned while observing at LoveSick was that the level of preparation required for vendors is huge.  Having the appropriate structures and tables, maybe even chairs is not to be overlooked when planning ahead to be a vendor anywhere.  

It is also integral to have a pretty arrangement of your wares!  This includes your newsletter sign-up book or clipboard, any paper products you are distributing, and samples of your work, whatever that might be.  Hospitality is huge.

A goal of mine is to become a vendor for LoveSick Expo in 2015.  Lofty?  Yup.  And I'm totally fine with that.  I'm ready to go big.

Love and light,