There are a few things that are getting me through this week, and a few overdue notes of thanks that are due to some sweet friends out there.
  • Getting kind and encouraging texts from a college friend on a Monday morning was just what I needed to relax at the beginning of a busy work week.  The students in my classes were pretty great all day, but it is hard for non teachers to really "get" the daily stressors in a teacher's life.  
  • My roommate at work is the first non-Chris interaction I have each morning, and seeing her hard at work for our students, pushing them constantly, and having the same sense of distaste and humor that I do about lots of things makes for a pretty awesome work day.  Especially on the hard days.
  • Another friend at work told me that she had a dream that I was running a flower stand at a convention center, wearing a yellow dress, busy helping a long line of customers.  I'll take that as a premonition! 
  • Cute pictures that my mother sends me from the barn can really make me smile big.  Goats and horses are kind of adorable.
  • All of the encouragement that the women who are soon attending the Making Things Happen intensive just blows my socks off.  It makes me ready to put in some hard work at the conference, knowing that I will find the support that I'll need.
What is making your days sweeter?

Love and Light,