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Love 'N Fresh Flowers Flower Child Workshop Recap

Right outside of Philadelphia, there is a sweet little flower farm off of a dirt road.  I don't live too far from this place, but I only just visited it on Saturday for a flower crown workshop.  The place?  The flower farm where Jennie Love of Love 'N Fresh Flowers makes beautiful creations.

What do you do at a flower crown workshop?  You make flower crowns!  You also get to wander the property, look at some pretty flowers that are still in the early stages of growing, and check in with some cute ducks.

Jennie has the sweetest little workshop at the flower farm!  I am totally jealous of the work space, and also that it is in such a nice, undisturbed area of northeast Philly.

My flower crown was mostly white ranunculus and grape hyacinth, but we had so many different options!  There were hellebores, tulips, anemones, lamb's ear, daffodils, and many more things to cut right out of the ground.

The cool thing was that everyone made such different creations, despite being given access to the same materials!   This is where designing can be so fun and diverse.  Nobody's crown looked just the same as anyone else's, but everyone's crown was beautiful!

Did I mention yet that there were delicious snacks to munch on throughout the workshop?  Brie and crackers and sparkling water and white wine?  Yes please!

All of the attendees were so sweet and joyful to be around for the afternoon.  We all had a great time and enjoyed learning together.  See what I mean by all of the crowns being completely different?  So awesome!

Like I said, mostly white ranunculus and grape hyacinth were in my crown.  I couldn't decide between the natural linen ribbon or the blue silk ribbon, so I used both!  I love how they look together.  I also used two large pink ranunculus as a focal point on one side of my crown, and I love how they turned out.

The master herself, Jennie!  She was so sweet, encouraging, and hospitable the entire time we were there, and I think that shows a lot about how much she seems to love teaching others.  I think it's a big deal to make students feel supported and validated while they're learning, and even though there are bigger risks than flower crown making (or are there?), we were all laughing and complimenting each other the entire time.  Great learning environment for sure!  I came away with a pretty crown and lots of valuable hands on experience.  I also have several notes that will be beneficial to my work in the future.

Interested in taking a workshop with Jennie?  Check out her schedule on her website!

What flowers would you want to wear in your crown?

Love and light,