Martha Stewart Destination Wedding: Ireland

After looking through the most recent issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, I was overcome with an intense emotional reaction to many of the photos that were found within the pages.  There is something that is just breathtaking about a wedding portrait of the happy couple.  I am torn between wanting to cry because portraits are so pretty, and also wanting to somehow absorb the gorgeousness that I see in the photo.  I typically settle for a combination of abrupt inhalations and teeth gnawing faces and noises, because some portraits are just too pretty to articulate.

One such highlight from this issue was the photo series detailing the nuptials of photographers Corbin Gurkin and Thatcher Cook.  Their destination wedding in County Cork, Ireland was breathtaking and evoked a sense of Victorian elegance, paired with earthy details and colors.  The bride's gown, a stunning pale pink Vera Wang was paired with a rich tan suede bolero in the wedding portrait, and made for a textured contrast.  The groom, sporting a Leica camera around his neck was just as glowing as the bride.

Take a look at their photos, especially their wedding portrait, and prepare to be awed.

This is what I want to create.  Weddings that are indescribable.  The awesome feeling that magic is happening right before your eyes, and you're surrounded by its presence.  I want to facilitate this magic.

Love and Light,