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Our Wedding: Getting Ready and First Look

I hope everyone is having a good day out there.  Honestly, I forgot that today was Wednesday, because the shop was closed on Monday.  Does anyone else get really thrown off when there's a holiday on a Monday?  For some reason, it really threw me today.

Anyway, today is Wedding Wednesday!  Today you'll get to see some of the images from the hair salon where several of us ladies got our hair done, and from the first look between Chris and I.

Without further adieu, here they are.  All credit goes to the amazing hot metal studio.  If you need a photographer, I cannot recommend them enough.  Amazing and lovely people and artists.

The sweet lady in the photo above is Sarah.  She is a dear friend that Chris and I met the night that we met each other, and she officiated the wedding for us.  We were so thankful that she shared her beautiful words with our friends and family.

My sparkly shoes look pretty cool in black and white!

My mom and sister are really cute!

The first look below just kills me.  It was the most nervous that I was the entire day, and I think I just wanted a hug from my love at that point.  I was so excited to finally see him.

Love.  Love, love, love these photos.  

We are so lucky.

Next Wednesday, we're going to look at some images of the ceremony, along with some portraits of Chris and I that were taken with our brothers and sisters.

Love and light,


Our Wedding: Photography Preview

Happy Wednesday to you lovely people!  I am currently reeling (in the best possible way) over the wedding photos that we just received from our awesome photographers, hot metal studio.  I received an email from Tiffany yesterday with instructions on how to access our online gallery while we wait for the flash drive of images to come in the mail.

And oh my goodness, are the photos amazing.  

I wanted to share a small preview of them today (is it Wedding Wednesday, then?) and some more blog posts in the future of all the wonderful images.  I can look at the photos all day, but I'm a little bit biased.  Maybe you also enjoy looking at gorgeous fairytale loveliness.

Love and light,