Trouvaille Workshop Photo Recap 3

Well, here it is!  The final round of photo recaps from Rhi's beatific Trouvaille Workshop!  All credit goes to the warm-hearted duo of Sam and Brad of Bradley James Photography.  

Alicia Rico of Bows and Arrows Flowers getting very serious about some serious and solemn flower basics.  :)

I'm pretty serious about protea, stock, and ferns.  

And I am tremendously appreciative of the pretty head shots that were taken of us.  I've never really had such photos taken of me, unless you count senior pictures from high school.  But these are much better, in my opinion.  

They might be better because they include flowers.

The above photo might be my favorite head shot.  What do you all think?

And for good measure, a silly picture of attendees and several other pros!

Love and light,


P.S. Photo recaps can be found here: 1 and 2

Trouvaille Workshop Photo Recap 2

I think I can just let most of these images by Bradley James Photography speak for themselves.  Again, major props to Rhi of Hey Gorgeous Events for such a spectacular experience.

Eating a delicious breakfast with one of my roomies, Xiomara of A Styled Fête...

...and the lovely Alicia Rico of Bows and Arrows!  
Her floral expertise was invaluable to hear about.

Michelle Loretta of Sage Wedding Pros was also a fantastic speaker.  She spent a lot of time with the attendees at dinners and during downtime, and I really respect her approachable and down-to-earth personality.

And how cute are Brad and Sam?!  They were seriously the kindest and loveliest couple to talk to - about the wedding industry, about photography, and other things, too.  I felt so at ease talking to them, and the way that they interact with others just shows how big their hearts truly are.

And the last recap will be coming up soon!  Check back here for the first photo recap of the Trouvaille experience!

Love and light,


Trouvaille Workshop Photo Recap 1

In my first recap of the Trouvaille Workshop, I shared a little bit about the loveliness that sweet Rhi of Hey Gorgeous Events prepared for the attendees.  There's really no true way to share how warm, thought-provoking, and just plain fun those days were - you have to actually attend to experience the greatness!  I tried my best to share a little bit, and also told you about some homework that Rhi gave all of us to think on.  I'm still thinking on it.

The Trouvaille Workshop guest speakers were not only wonderful, but also incredibly photogenic!  The hard work on that end was done by the kind and congenial Sam and Brad of Bradley James Photography.  During Trouvaille, Sam and Brad had an informative session regarding the collaborative relationships you can work to build with other vendors, especially photographers, to make events and weddings run as smoothly as possible.  They truly work as a team together, and are passionate about productive teamwork with others.

Take a look through their lens into some of the prettiness from Trouvaille!  ALL photo credit goes to Brad and Sam.  Wonderful job, you guys!

I am very serious about taking notes in the welcome session.

Pretty white chiavari chairs at the Amway Grand.

Swag for attendees at our place settings.  

And yes please to some sweets!  I had three of these and they were delicious.

Our beautifully styled welcome dinner at San Chez.

Ranunculus, stock, thistle and rose.

The signature sangria of San Chez.  Dangerously good!

I look pretty fancy here, but we all looked lovely in our black and white, 
with our pretty flower corsages made by Pixel and Hank.

And this is just the opening few hours!  Check back again for some more loveliness from Bradley James Photography very soon!

Love and light,



Prompted by sweet Rhi of Hey Gorgeous Events, attendees of the Trouvaille Workshop were instructed to think of three words that describe our businesses.  These three words are constantly up for revision, and subject to change based on changes that naturally occur while running a business.

Words have power.  These words should reflect you and the things that make you you.  Words that reflect your branding, what sets you apart from others in the industry.  Words that can be associated with you in all that you do.  I feel like it was really challenging to come up with three words, and I know that I am not alone in this feeling!  But I do love a challenge that makes me think.  If words have power and great weight to them, you shouldn't just pick the first word that comes to mind.  Revise it.  "Pretty" isn't going to set you apart.  "Classy" isn't going to set you apart.  Pick a $10 word and not a ten-cent word.

This is about the fifth draft of my words, and I am still not sure whether or not I am getting them right.  I do like them, but the beauty of it all is that I can change them.  I am in control and the changes that I make reflect who I am and what my ideal clients are looking for.

I am extremely judicious in determining the details of any element of an event.
The event and the details are a holistic reflection of the couple.

I prefer deep conversations to small talk.
I am invested in understanding my couples, their history, and their desires for their future.
I want to invest deeply in the first day of your married history.

There will be a sense of completion to your vision for your wedding day 
across the ceremony, florals, attire, atmosphere, and all other elements.
No stone will be left unturned, and I will plan to circumvent any issue on your behalf.

These three words were not the first three that I thought of!  I literally wrote and wrote in my notebook to brainstorm any three words, and then through lots of angry pen scratches, thesaurus consultations, and talking out loud, they were the last ones standing.

What are your three words?

Love and light,


Trouvaille: Education, Glamour, and Surprises Along the Way

On our first day at the Trouvaille Workshop, we found our seats in an elegantly designed room at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan after we were hugged by Rhi of Hey Gorgeous Events, welcomed, and told to take a sparkling strawberry drink on our way.  We found beautifully styled gifts at our place settings, and we oficially began the two-and-a-half day educational storm of a workshop.

I stole this Juliet from a centerpiece from our welcome dinner.  I couldn't resist!

I am proudly a person who loves to learn.  I love to hear why people think the things that they think, especially if those things are innovative and applicable to my own life.  I was definitely in the right place to hear lots of things that I needed to hear.  Knowledgeable speakers were booked for all three days, educating us about legal issues for creatives, cohesive branding, wholesale floral purchasing, how to form strong relationships with other vendors, and so much more.

Throughout the entire workshop, Rhi was extremely attentive to the needs of the attendees.  She had lots of little surprises along the way for us, and made sure we were well fed and comfortable all the time.  I mean, we had a coffee station available at all times - I definitely appreciated that!  (I also had a major caffeine withdrawal after the workshop, but that's the risk that I took and it was totally worth it.)

King protea, astilbe, veronica, and jasmine vine together in harmony.

I don't want to ruin any of the details for people who are thinking of attending, and I also want to be respectful of the boundaries that lie within workshops and conferences.  Meaning, it wouldn't be fair for me to blab about everything we learned.  That was one of the best things about Trouvaille - since many attendees and speakers were not from the same region, it's a little bit safer to share insider information, because I'm not really competition to someone from San Francisco or Ann Arbor.  I felt privileged and so lucky to learn from some really successful and passionate people throughout the workshop, attendees and speakers alike.

Something new for me was tablescape design and the consideration of 
rental items, such as linens, flatware, glass, and china. 
This was a beneficial part of the workshop - I hadn't had the chance to do this before!

As an attendee, I feel that I was encouraged and forced (in a loving and supportive way) to seriously consider the direction and purpose of Demure Birch Design.  I was given helpful insight and answers when I was confused or curious, and I felt encouraged the entire time.  Like any other workshop, you'll get out of it what you put into it.  I feel like I had so much wonderful, uninterrupted time to seriously consider each topic that was presented to me, which is invaluable to someone who is finding a challenge in "free" time to work on my business, while having a full time job.

The orphan flowers made a beautiful bouquet all together!

I am truly grateful for being able to attend, and I'm so excited for the next one to happen!  Perhaps I'll be visiting Michigan again sooner than I had ever thought.  Will you be attending the next Trouvaille?

Love and light,


Workshopping in the Spring

In the quest to become more ready to break into the wedding industry, I have been researching on the internet and scouring across all corners of the web to find more educational resources.  I am a longtime follower (and scarce commenter!) to many blogs of passionate professional women in the industry, and I am so excited that an opportunity of education has sprouted up.

The lovely Rhiannon Banda of Hey Gorgeous Events has carefully planned a wonderful upcoming event in April.  From April 13 to 15, I will be an attendee to Trouvaille.  What is Trouvaille?  I think it is best quoted from the event website:

Trouvaille is for creative, entrepreneurial and driven women who operate or want to own multi-faceted wedding planning businesses.  The more services your creative business encompasses, the better!  The more you want to learn, grow and extend your design and back-end business knowledge, the better.  Trouvaille is a truly hands on and comprehensive experience designed to inspire and encourage growth across all realms of any planning and design business.

Sounds great, right?  There are SO MANY perks to attending this event, that I seriously do not know where to begin.  In Grand Rapids, Michigan, I will be attending workshops on floral design, tabletop design, branding, marketing, networking, and so many other realms of wedding business owning.  I will be amongst 25 other attendees in a small setting, which I am also so thankful for.  I might not be the most social person, but I am excited for the intimacy that this event has to offer.

At first, I must admit that I was unsure if this could be an event for me.  I have lots of ideas, but no business to really speak of just yet.  I emailed Rhiannon, and she gave me lots of sweet encouragement from the heart.  With support from her, my ever-wonderful fiancé, and my dear friends, I was able to confidently register.  Grand Rapids, here I come!

Love and Light,